NOSRAM, an originally UK based manufacturer, was founded in early 1984 by Nick Marson in Worcester, UK. At the time, mechnical speed controls were still commonly used and NOSRAM was at the forefront of electronic speed control design. As a racer at heart, NOSRAM founder Nick Marson was dedicated to develop and manufacture ultimate racing products. This spirit still lives on today in every NOSRAM product. 
The winning history of the state of the art NOSRAM speed controls and chargers was established in the late 80‘s and early 90‘s by dominating the european racing scene. Some of the best RC drivers in the world such as Jamie Booth, Rory Cull, Ben Sturnham, William Mitcham, Mike Bridges, Steve Haynes, Steve West and Neil Stringfellow were using NOSRAM products at that time.
In 1985, Mike Bridges was the first NOSRAM driver ever to win a BRCA national race. By 1987 80% of the a-main drivers at the BRCA nationals were using NOSRAM products which proved that NOSRAM had conquered the UK market. The next step was to establish the brand in Europe and finally in the World. 1989 marked the most important year in the young history of NOSRAM as Jamie Booth won the EFRA 2wd Offroad European Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden for NOSRAM. In the same year, NOSRAM proved its product performance at the prestigious IFMAR World Championships in Australia when NOSRAM factory drivers Jamie Booth and Juergen Lautenbach made the a-final in 2wd and 4wd. This definitely marked the global break through of NOSRAM.
At the 1991 IFMAR World Championships in Detroit, USA, NOSRAM debuted an experimental high speed switching controller, the forerunner to the dominator. The dominator featured an asic (application specific integrated circuit) mounted on a ceramic circuit board (see picture). Both of these features were novel and allowed a small speed control. The main features of the design were high speed fet switching, motor management, and most of all, current efficiency. This allowed drivers to gear typically one tooth higher than the competition.

In 1993 NOSRAM factory drivers Ben Sturman and William Mitcham finished 2nd and 3rd at the IFMAR World Championships in Basildon, UK.

During the year 2000, NOSRAM ownership changed and a completely new product range was developed from scratch to be released soon after. Starting from the 2001 race season, a new world-wide NOSRAM factory team was founded lead by the IFMAR World Champion Atsushi Hara and top drivers Takuya Ito of Japan, Jilles Groskamp of the Netherlands and Peter Pinish of Austria.

In 2002, the NOSRAM product range expanded with electric motors and batteries added to the line. Additionally NOSRAM finished 3rd at the 2002 IFMAR Touring Car World Championships using the latest dominator power speed control.

At the 2003 Nuremberg Toy Fair NOSRAM released an all new line of chargers and constantly added more products to its growing range.

In 2004, world-class driver Neil Cragg from the UK joined the NOSRAM factory team. In the following year (2005), Neil managed to set the most important mark for NOSRAM in racing by winning the 2005 IFMAR 2wd Offroad World Championships in Torino, Italy. 
In 2006, Peter Pinisch set another milestone for NOSRAM by winning the 4wd Offroad European Championships. The first ever European Championships won with a brushless system. In 2007, NOSRAM brushless success continued. Neil Cragg in 2WD as well as Andy Moore in 1/12 scale succeeded at the European Championships and added 2 further important titles to the NOSRAM story of success! 
The IFMAR 1/12 scale World Championships 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand and 2010 in Burgdorf, Germany saw Japanese top driver Naoto Matsukura winning IFMAR World Championships titles no. 2 & 3 for NOSRAM. The 2008 victory also was the first ever World Championships won with brushless technology.   
In 2014, NOSRAM products are available in more than 30 countries world-wide through international distributors. 
With 3 IFMAR World Championships titles, multiple EFRA European Championships, a FEMCA title, many victories at prestigious international events and uncountable national championships won all over the world, NOSRAM is and remains one of the leading brands in R/C electronics and equipment for Onroad and Offroad racing. For the NOSRAM drivers it is just the speed force!









2005 IFMAR 
World Champion 2wd
Neil Cragg


2006 EFRA
Champion 4wd
Peter Pinisch


2007 EFRA
European Champion 2wd
Neil Cragg


2007 EFRA
European Champion 1/12
Andy Moore


2008 & 2010 IFMAR
World Champion 1/12
Naoto Matsukura