Pre-Mounted + Glued Wheels

VTEC G36 Pre-Glued TC-Asphalt Wheels (4pcs)

No more sliding touring cars! No more endless tire testing! No more unbalanced tires on the rims!
Art. no.: 95041
Availability:  Product is currently available at our warehouse in Germany.

A promise VTEC made to the r/c car world some time ago but could this promise be kept? To cut a long story short, the promise definitely has been kept! During the last years, VTEC tires established themselves on the tire market and are meanwhile the leading tires when it comes to high-quality, consistent and reliable handout tires for touring car racing in Europe.  
The VTEC G32 & G36 asphalt tires are ready for toughest touring car racing. They're available in a softer all-round (G32) and harder compound (G36) that is suited for hot track temperatures. The tires come pre-glued and mounted.
The VTEC G36 is handout tire at the EFRA European Touring Car Championship 2015 in Torres Novas / Portugal.

  • all new rubber formula: for increased traction and maximized durability
  • improved tire shape: perfect rim fit for highest performance
  • tested white inserts with constant hardness
  • updated rim material: impact-resistant and true vibration-free running