Brushless Forward/Brake

Upgrade-Kit Pearl - Pearl Mod+Stock Speed-Control

This upgrade-kit turns all your NOSRAM pearl speedos into modified & stock speed controls!
Art. no.: 90999

As of today, all modified and stock racers around the world are united by a common goal regarding brushless speed controls. NOSRAM releases the brand new upgrade-kit pearl mod+stock to get your existing pearl evolution speed control version 1 and version 2 up to the top of brushless speed control technology. It caters perfectly for both classes and still offers enough opportunities for your individual adjustment. From now on, modified- and stock drivers have a common goal when it comes to brushless speed controls.

Moreover, the upgrade-kit pearl mod+stock also fixes the existing problems with the BEC of the pearl evolution version 2.

The new kit was completely redesigned form scratch. The hard- and software have nothing in common with the previous version. For instance, the new linear BEC is also by for more stable. The adaption of the voltage to the BEC as well as to the controller, make the overall system faster and more resistant against malfunctions.

You can easily insert the new upgrade-kit pearl mod+stock. Remove the old board out of pearl evolution v1 & v2, plug-in the new board and fix it with 4 screws. Now the new speedo can already be used for modified and stock racing. This new speed control offers 10 profiles newly created, optimised and adapted to the hardware. 5 profiles each for modified and stock allow even finer adjustments of the drive system to the track or the weather.

  • upgrade-kit for all pearl evolution and pearl evolution v2 speed controls
  • bulletproof 6V/3A linear BEC
  • perfect for modified and stock racing: 5 modified and 5 stock power profiles onboard (incl. boost 0)
  • easy plug-in conversion: no soldering required, includes all hardware
  • 125% faster microcontroller
sensored brushless system yes
voltage input 3.7-7.4V
usb software updateability yes
modified + stock profiles yes
forward/brake yes
BEC linear 6V/3A
multi-protection-system 2 yes
4 adj. modes (autocell 2, dual ADPCmod+stock, autobrake) yes
internal-temp-check system 3 yes
x-brake yes