Brushless Forward/Brake

Pearl SpecRacing Version 2 Brushless Speed-Control

Brushless for high level stock racing!
Art. no.: 90915
The new generation of the NOSRAM pearl evolution spec racing is the high-performer of today’s speed controls for stock racing! 

Enjoy the latest brushless technology and take advantage of NOSRAM’s experience in years of brushless development and success.   
The dual xps.mod software boosts stock racing into a new dimension! The speedo offers highest flexibility by individualized settings and a revolutionary superBEC featuring constant 6V/3A output with 3.0-7.4V voltage guarantee unbeatable on-track performance. The pearl evolution spec racing version 2 with the usb software updates available at will be the top competition speed control in the future as well.
performance curve     speed curve
yellow: version 1 - red: version2yellow: version 1 - red: version2

First race – first win!       
What a race debut for the all new NOSRAM pearl evolution spec racing version 2! Danish driver Martin Lissau wins the highly competitive stock class of the prestigious DHI Cup 2011.


  • improved, tougher specs: improved soft- and hardware for maximum reliability
  • usb software updateability: benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at
  • dual xps.mod software: independent adjustment of "feel" and "boost" for maximum flexibility for all classes and motors
  • superBEC: a true BEC revolution! constant 6V/3A output with 3.0V to 7.4V batteries. No receiver battery with 1S LiPo needed
  • revolutionary smart-temp-readout-system 3
  • SmartCell system 2 (3.0 to 7.4V input voltage)
  • extra small size: 30.5x33x21mm
  • full contact cooling
voltage input 3.7 - 7.4V
Typical Voltage Drop @20A 0.013V/phase
Dimension 30.5x33x21mm
Brushless forward/brake
Motorlimit (7.4V) over 4.0 turns
Weight (without wires) 36g
SuperBEC 6.0V / 3.0A