Brushless Forward/Brake

Pearl evolution Version 2 Brushless ESC

Double winner of the IFMAR 1/12 World Championship 2010! The best of brushless speed control technology for your racing!
Art. no.: 90905
Are you ready for the speed force? 
The superior brushless technology is reloaded and conquers the market by storm with the all new NOSRAM Pearl version 2 speedos. The forefront NOSRAM brushless system features the maximum of power, perfect setup functions, smallest size and an unequalled controllability. The NOSRAM Pearl speedos combine the experience of European and World Champions to make them the must have speed controls!  
The reincarnation of the first ever brushless World Champion speed control!
The new generation of the Pearl Evolution is the high-performer of today’s brushless technology. Highest flexibility by individualized settings and a revolutionary SuperBEC featuring constant 6V/3A output with 3-7.4V voltage guarantee unbeatable on-track performance! And with the usb software updates available at the Pearl Evolution version 2 will be the top competition speed control in the future as well.   
And additional to all new specs and features our designers and engineers made it possible that NOSRAM is able to offer this new speedo for a lower price than the version 1 speedo. Just check out the new price at your local hobby shop or directly contact your national distributor for more information. But we are sure: you will love it!
NOSRAM Pearl Evolution 2: IFMAR 1/12 World Champion!
Powered by the all new NOSRAM Pearl Evolution version 2 speed control at its first race and the extremely powerful Pure Evolution 4.0T modified motor, Naoto Matsukura showed an outstanding performance during the whole event. Despite the tough competition with the worldwide 1/12 elite attending, Naoto dominated practice, secured TQ in style and continued to also overrun his competitors in the finals. He consequently won the 2010 IFMAR World Championship title already after the second A-final. Also relying on the Pearl Evolution version 2, Jilles Groskamp finished on the overall second spot. 
An amazing performance and a double win for NOSRAM’s all new speedo!  
NOSRAM speed controls win their 2nd WC title in a row!  
NOSRAM is still the only brushless 1/12 World Champion!     
This is what Naoto Matsukura says about the new Pearl speedo:
“The super BEC is fantastic as I never have to worry about any extra receiver battery pack in my R/C car, it’s great. With the revolutionary full contact cooling I can push my car as hard as I want without ever having to worry about too high temperatures.”

  • dual xps.mod software: independent adjustment of "feel" and "boost" for maximum flexibility for all classes and motors
  • usb software updateability: benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at
  • superBEC: a true BEC revolution! constant 6V/3A output with 3.0V to 7.4V batteries. No receiver battery with 1S LiPo needed
  • smart-temp-readout-system 3: allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for each, the speedo and motor
  • smartCell system 2 (3.0V to 7.4V input voltage): fully adjustable cut off system for all types of cells
  • extra small size: 30.5x34mm for easy installation in all cars
  • full contact cooling: revolutionary full contact cooling technology for lowest running temperature
voltage input 3.7 - 7.4V
Typical Voltage Drop @20A 0.011V/phase
Dimension 30.5x34x16mm
Brushless forward / brake
Motorlimit (7.4V) over 4.5 turns
TwinBEC 6.0V / 3.0A
Weight (without wires) 30g