Brushless Forward/Brake

Falcon 8 V2 Brushless Speed Control

The latest generation of the high-end competition speed control for 1/8!
Art. no.: 90881
Availability:  Product is currently available at our warehouse in Germany.

The falcon 8 v2 Brushless speed control gets a worthy successor: the falcon 8 version 2 features a new hardware and is already equipped with the latest v2.6 team firmware as standard.

The speed control generates significantly less heat and its performance in racing is extremely consistent on the highest level.

Aggressive initial drive settings and the 1/8 BR2 brake – completely developed from scratch – will help you to leave your competitors behind.

The integrated intelligent brake/reverse v1.0 algorithm guarantees huge driving fun also off the tracks.

  • latest v2.6 team firmware - completely revamped firmware featuring new modes and optimised values
  • 2S-6S lipo operation: wide input voltage range (7.2V-22.2V) for versatile use, with powerful 6A switching BEC
  • intelligent brake/reverse v1.0 - ensures an intuitive driving experience when switching between braking and driving backwards
  • usb software updateability: benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at!
  • optimized sensored design
  • initial drive mode
  • new brake developed especially for 1/8 use
  • internal-temp-check system 3
  • accessories included
  • pluggable connections
  • compact and robust design
motorlimit none
sensored brushless system yes
voltage input 7.2 - 22.2V
forward/brake/reverse yes
dimensions 55x40x24mm
rated current 600A/phase
forward/brake yes
power wires 3.3mm˛
weight excl. wires 62g
integrated heatsink + fan yes
adjustable modes 4
multi protection system 3 yes