Nosram Cobra Brushless Motor - 10.5T

The cobra brushless motor line has been developed from scratch with the demands of hobby racers in mind.
Art. no.: 90555

The guiding idea was to release a motor combining the advantages of brushless motor technology with an attractive pricing.
NOSRAMís cobra brushless motor is suited for every challenge in onroad and offroad racing. It is available in a 6.5 turns and a 10.5 turns winding. The cobra is fully dismountable and features many of the outstanding attributes of the race proven pure spec racing motor. E. g. the PreciSensorTM system, the oversized ball bearings and the proven HDS technology have been taken over. The rotor features a strong 5mm shaft. All these details combined make the new NOSRAM cobra brushless motor extremely robust. Consequently, it can be used for a wide range of applications and can also withstand hardest track conditions.
To reduce the overall weight, the rear part of the housing is made of high quality, heat resistant plastic. The front cover consists of a heat dissipating metal in gun metal look.
NOSRAMís cobra brushless motor has a fixed timing and can be operated with sensored and sensorless speed controls. Highly flexible silicone wires are already pre-soldered. For lowest contact resistance, the connectors are gold coated.
You want to upgrade your rtr car? Youíd like to race faster? Then NOSRAMís cobra is your motor!

  • high-power sintered magnet: high-strength sintered magnet for maximum performance
  • HDS technology: high density stack for highest power output
  • dismountable: fully dismountable for cleaning and tuning
  • PreciSensorTM system: revolutionary precise sensor postitioning for best power, throttle and efficiency
  • oversized ball bearings for highest performance and durability
  • easysolder design: heavy copper, multilayer PCB for lowest resistance
  • handwound
  • can be operated with sensored and sensorless speed controls
rpm 25920
weight 154g
kv 3600
power 280
magnet material sintered 12.45mm
voltage input 3.7 - 7.4V
efficiency 92
length 50.2mm
diameter 35.8mm
output shaft 3.17mm