Charger with Discharging Function

Nosram Stealth Touch Evolution

NOSRAM enters the field of high-value chargers with its stealth touch evolution!
Art. no.: 91555
Availability:  Product is currently available at our warehouse in Germany.
Our r&d engineers succeeded to develop the top of the line product in the premium segment.  
The task was simple: NOSRAM’s r&d team was charged to develop just the best charger available on the market. With the stealth touch evolution the expectations have even been exceeded.  
The vampire red backlit touch screen display is revolutionary. You won’t find any button on the stealth touch evolution. With the graphical user interface, all parameters can be set quick and easy. The menu structure is well designed and intuitive to use. An integrated lipo/lifepo balancer detects differences in the cells and starts balancing automatically. Improved performance and longer lifetime of the batteries are guaranteed. Outstanding features and high quality components put the stealth touch evolution on top of all chargers.
charge lipo - lifepo - nimh - nicd 
• adjustable fast charge from 0.1 to 12.0A
   1-4 cells lipo/lifepo with automatic lipo/lifepo cut-off
   1-8 cells nimh/nicd with adjustable delta-peak detection and optional 4-step charge mode 
• autostart-timer for maximum comfort 
• storage mode: the battery is charged/discharged automatically for longest cell lifetime  
cycle lipo - lifepo - nimh - nicd 
• automatic cycling mode (discharge - charge - discharge) for perfect conditioning of your batteries  
discharge lipo - lifepo - nimh - nicd
• adjustable high-power discharge current (up to 20.0A) and cut-off voltage to perfectly match your batteries
integrated lipo/lifepo balancer
usb connection (wire included) for firmware update
brushless motor sensor port for sensor check and rpm measurement
receiver simulator port for function check of speed controls and servos
sensor bridge to test speedofunctions and motor rpm included

  • touch screen graphics display, vampire red backlit
  • fully adjustable: intuitive program structure with graphical user interface, allows precise adjustment of all parameters
  • user profile memory: 5 factory pre-set profiles that can be customized, re-named and saved in memory
  • microprocessor controlled: fully adjustable for perfect operation, maximum performance and highest safety
  • 4-way protection system: 100% protection against output reverse polarity, short circuit, input voltage error and over charge
  • voltage calibration for maximum accuracy
  • dc input 11-15V
  • charge power 140W
DC input voltage 11-15V
charge power 140W
usb software updateability yes