LiPo Competition Car Line

NOSRAM 8000 - Stickpack P5 - 110C/55C - 7.6V LiPo - 1/10 Outlaw Race Hardcase

more power - no rules!
Art. no.: 999540

The NOSRAM Outlaw race line batteries are a true innovation. Compared to the standard LiPo voltage of 7.4V, these batteries possess a nominal voltage of 7.6V can be charged with up to 8.70V. That turns them into the ultimate power packs!

The NOSRAM Outlaw race line is designed for maximum performance and longest run times. It has been developed based upon the extremely successful NOSRAM LiPo X-treme Race line. The NOSRAM Outlaw race line batteries are perfectly suited for all 1/10 onroad and offroad hobby drivers and bashers. Due to their unique performance data, they do not meet any competition regulations.

The NOSRAM Outlaw race line batteries are compatible with all current LiPo-capable chargers. To be able to use the extra power and run time, you need to charge them up to 8.70V. The results will stun you!

  • NEW 7.6V LiPo technology
  • NEW P5 Technology
  • HDS-6 - Revolutionary High Density Stacking technology
  • Charge up to 8.70V!
  • FREE 5mm Gold Works Team connectors included (not with #999542)
  • 110C/55C LiPo power: No memory effect, extremely long lifetime
  • 3C charge current: Safe and fast recharge
  • FREE 5mm to 4mm Gold Works Team adapter included (limited to 12 months transition period)
  • Durable, see-through, hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material
  • 2mm gold coated balancing conncetor
  • NOSRAM quality approved
weight 330g
length 139.0mm
style stickpack p5
c-rate 110c/55c
charge current 3c
capacity 8000mAh
voltage 7.6V
balancing connector 2mm gold
connector p5 5mm gold
application 1/10 on/offroad
width 47.0mm
height 25.1mm