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Bruno Coelho does 3/3!

Thursday, 10. July 2014

Third race, third victory – NOSRAM/Xray driver Bruno Coelho continues his domination in the Modified class of the Portuguese Electric Touring Car Championship.

The host of the third round of the Portuguese Nationals was very promising. It was held in Torres Novas at the track of last years’ European Championship. Compared to the Euros, the track presented itself with a completely new layout. So, everything was ready for one of the season’s highlight races.  
In the Modified class, NOSRAM/Xray driver Bruno Coelho performed again on a level of its own. Strong already during practice, Bruno turned out to be the by far fastest driver in qualifying. His lap times were more than a second faster than his competitors’ ones. To cut the story short: Bruno secured an absolutely well deserved and unchallenged TQ spot. At this point, a thunderstorm put an unlucky end to the event. The finals had to be cancelled and the results of qualifying had to be rated as final results.  
In the Stock class, NOSRAM powered drivers Pedro Silva, Fernando Cardoso and Rui D’Almeida lined up third to fifth in qualifying. Unfortunately, the cancellation of the finals due to the weather conditions ended their hopes for a possible victory. All of the three drivers still have the chance to win the overall championship.  
Congratulations to the Portuguese NOSRAM team!    

The equipment of the Portuguese NOSRAM team 




 NOSRAM comet HD brushless speed control


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 4.5T


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless spec racing 10.5T


 NOSRAM LiPo 7500 Big Mama 1/10 x-treme race hardcase - 110C/55C - 7.4V 


 NOSRAM LiPo 6000 1/10 x-treme race hardcase - 110C/55C - 7.4V


 NOSRAM stealth touch evolution


 NOSRAM power supply 13.8V / 20A