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NOSRAM Wins: North East Regional Round 3 (York)

Thursday, 24. April 2008

Report from Adam Skelding

Round 3 of the North East Indoor Regional Series was held at the on the outskirts of 12 heats of drivers attended this meeting, making it one of the most popular events on the indoor calendar. Showing off-road is still going from strength to strength.Graham North and co. had set out a challenging multi surface track layout including a double jump which could only just be cleared and 90 degree table top.

Round 1:
After practice, I had found that the double jump could be cleared with a lot of commitment, landing on the down slope of the 2nd jump. It seemed I was the only one able to take this route with most people opting for a slightly shorter jump. After a steady few opening laps, I was able to push the car to the limit with ease gradually working my way to the front of the pack. A couple of small errors were made, but it was clear this was going to be a difficult track to get a clean run. Nevertheless, I took TQ for round 1 by just over half a second.

Round 2:
Setting off first, I was able to take the jump at full speed from the start. The HB D4 was clearing it with ease, lightweight pinions and transmission parts helping the car accelerate much quicker up to the jump giving it the edge to go further. Round the rest of the track the car was driving really well after a slight set-up change to increase low speed steering that was lacking a little in round 1. With the improvements and some careful driving I managed a clean run improving my previous TQ time and taking TQ for the round 13 :308.  

Round 3:
With 2 perfect scores it meant someone would have to beat my time and take 2 TQs. With the competition in 4wd this could be possible for many of the top drivers including Paul Bradby, & Chris Long. Setting off first I made an error on my out lap dropping me down to third, so I decided it was time to push as hard as possible to see what I could get out of the car. This round was clearly not going to count so I settled for trying out new lines.  Chris Long Tqd this round in a time 12 seconds off my round 2 time.  

Round 4:
Still holding fastest time I set off first and quickly it became apparent it would be a race between me and Chris for TQ. The grip had come back up and we were on track for TQ, but with the fast pace we were running at something had to give and slowly little mistakes crept in with the lead changing hands several times. Moving in to the last minute I was just ahead of Chris and then a stutter from the car and loss in motion. I pulled over to let Chris through, then the car sprang into life again and I gave chase, but it was too late and Chris took the round in 13: 312, luckily for me 4 seconds off my fastest time, giving me TQ. On inspection in the pits, it seemed the sensor wire had come loose, maybe due to the large jumping. Cleaning the connectors and securing the sensor wire in place the car was ready for the final.

I managed to get a clean start and headed the field for about a minute until a small error let Chris close right up. The race was on. Small errors were taken advantage by each driver and the lead swapped back and forth, with neither of us wanting to win or so it would seem. Making an error with only a minute to go seemed to have handed the win to Chris, but on the very next lap he ran wide into the end on the straight leaving me just enough room to get by. Also Ben Riley had closed fast and going into the last 2 laps 3 cars were separated by 6ft on the straight, it was anyones race. The next two laps were an excellent display of close non-contact racing on a testing track with passes being attempted and failing. Coming onto the straight for the penultimate time the lead 3 were separated by the closest of margins. The buzzer sounded and it was less than of a lap to the finish with only the big jump really to test the drivers bottle. I gave it full beans and it came off perfect, giving me excellent drive off the down ramp and enough of an advantage to get to the finish in front of Chris and Ben.  

With 2 rounds of the 3 rounds competed I have a perfect score of 202 points, but I wont be at the last round as Ill be in at the Toy Fair. With 3 rounds to count this means I wont complete the championship, which is a shame as Im in pole position.


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