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New NOSRAM Falcon 8 series team software v2.6

Friday, 20. November 2015

The tests have been mastered. The v2.6 firmware for the brand new Falcon 8 V2 speed control is now available to you. The firmware also significantly boosts the performance of the falcon 8.

With the new team firmware v2.6 we proudly present the latest update for the Falcon 8 series. Through extensive testing both on the bench and on the track, our engineers have pushed the limits once again! Now, the Falcon 8 series firmware is tailored to the requirements of 1/8 scale racing as tightly as it has never been before.

The right amount of grip is always an issue, especially at the beginning of acceleration. For this reason, we implemented initial drive mode to let you modulate exactly how smooth or aggressive our initial throttle should be. To further increase your control of your car, firmware v2.6 features a brand-new 1/8 brake and new power profiles. Increased reverse speed and optimized switching between braking and driving backwards via the intelligent brake/reverse 1.0 algorithm round off the great driving experience.

However, this update not only optimizes racing performance, but also the protection of your equipment. Automatic 2S/3S/4S/6S battery detection lets your Falcon 8 adjust the right cutoff voltage for you. If battery protection is triggered, instead of an immediate shutdown you will be given another 30 seconds to drive your car out of harm‘s way at reduced speed.

The new team firmware v2.6 has been developed as the dedicated production firmware for the Falcon 8 V2. However, it is also fully compatible with the original Falcon 8. Regardless of which Falcon 8 version you own, this update provides the perfect tools to release the full potential of your speed controller. The only question is - are you able to keep up?

The new v2.6 firmware can be downloaded for free from the NOSRAM website: »HERE!




Key improvements



• Initial drive mode


Falcon 8

• New brake developed especially for 1/8 use

Falcon 8 V2

• Intelligent brake/reverse v1.0

Part Nos.:


• Automatic battery detection for 2S / 3S / 4S / 6S


• Low voltage protection with additional 30sec slow driving feature

How does the new firmware and its setup work in detail?

You can find all functions and setup options explicitly explained in the map guide (PDF format). Included into the firmware download: »HERE!