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VTEC G36 first choice for the EFRA TC Euro 2015!

Tuesday, 11. November 2014

Quality prevails! The VTEC G36 pre-glued asphalt will be the handout tire at the EFRA European Touring Car Championship 2015 in Torres Novas / Portugal!

Next year’s EFRA TC Euros will be the season’s highlight of European 1/10 electric modified touring car racing. From August 27th to 29th 2015, Europe's top drivers will fight for the title at the Mini-Autodromo track in Torres Novas.  
Top level racing requires high-class equipment – this is the point where the VTEC tires come into play. No more sliding touring cars! No more endless tire testing! No more unbalanced tires on the rims! VTEC made this promise to the r/c car world some time ago - and the promise definitely has been kept!   
The VTEC tires are extremely durable and provide x-treme traction from the first to the last lap. VTEC tires have already proven their reliability and performance on the highest level of competition at many events, e.g. at the EFRA European Touring Car Championship Stock 2012 and at the EFRA European Touring Car Championship 2013.   
Such a résumé convinced the EFRA and so they chose VTEC tires for next year's race event.  
Be also on the winning side and race like the pros – with the VTEC pre-glued asphalt tires!




 VTEC G36, pre-glued asphalt (4pcs)