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New stock software for NOSRAM comet available!

Friday, 24. October 2014

Go past the limit of your NOSRAM comet speed control with the new software update for high-level stock racing! Get this revolutionary upgrade FOR FREE!

NOSRAM’s R&D engineers are proud to release a new software version, tailor-made for the popular and highly competitive stock classes. Taking into account the feedback of the worldwide NOSRAM team, we have developed the v5.4 software to bring your stock racing to the next level.  
The newly developed, stock-specific pro-stock brake and also the already well-known and popular semi-pro and BD3 brakes are included into the version 5.4. All Boost Timing and Boost Ramp settings have been completely revised. With this upgrade, NOSRAM hands a powerful tool for your Boosted class needs over to you. Stock racers need the best possible feel on the track. Therefore, the mode values have been thoroughly optimized and allow you to adjust your NOSRAM comet according to your preferences. The new automatic 1S / 2S detection and new factory default settings top off this great software package.   
NOSRAM offers you a reduced and revised software for stock driving. The v5.4 is not just a software that you can also use in stock, it is THE stock software. It includes everything you actually need to push your speedo & motor to the max – no matter if on-road or off-road, Boost Zero or Boosted, big or small track and what kind of track layout. In stock it’s all about the details and NOSRAM’s new stock software enhances them perfectly!  
Key improvements
• new brake type mode including the new pro-stock brake, dedicated for stock use
• completely revamped Boost Timing and Boost Ramp settings
• optimization of mode values and factory default settings
• overall revised software settings
• new automatic 1S / 2S detection  
Download the new v5.4 software for the NOSRAM comet HD & comet evo
FOR FREE from the NOSRAM website »HERE!

Find all setup options and functions explained mode by mode included into the download »HERE!