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Tuesday, 20. May 2014

Here you can find the latest product releases from NOSRAM. NOSRAM confirms its position as a leading company in R/C electronics and equipment.

Look out for these products at your local hobby shop!

NOSRAM LiPo x-treme race hardase packs

X-treme LiPo power
NOSRAM releases a new range of x-tremely high-performing LiPo batteries. The new ones feature more real power again.  
The NOSRAM r&d engineers followed up on the concept of three lines of batteries, specialized for different purposes. Racers can choose between 1/10 onroad & offroad competition, 1/12 modified and all-round batteries.
After already having released the 7500 Big Mama & 6000 x-treme race hardcase packs for 1/10 onroad racing some weeks ago, now also 1/12 pilots and 1/10 offroad racers can take profit from the new NOSRAM batteries tailor-made for their specific purposes.
Get ready to be on the winning side!
Complying with rules of the following federations: IFMAR, EFRA, FEMCA, BRCA, DMC
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 NOSRAM LiPo 6600 1/12 x-treme race hardcase - 100C/50C - 3.7V


 NOSRAM LiPo 5800 1/10 x-treme race saddle pack hardcase - 110C/55C - 7.4V


 NOSRAM LiPo 4700 1/10 x-treme race short sub-c hardcase - 110C/55C - 7.4V