Latest NOSRAM Products!

Tuesday, 16. March 2010

Here you can find all the latest product releases from NOSRAM. NOSRAM confirm its position as a leading company in RC electronics and equipments.

1. NOSRAM Twister 1/8th Buggy Exhaust System EFRA #2076

Tune up your nitro car with high performance equipment by NOSRAM. NOSRAM offers a wide range of high performance products for nitro racers. All parts are designed and developed by the world wide NOSRAM factory team to provide highest possible performance and reliability in a tough nitro racing environment. With these nitro buddies, you will get the maximum performance out of your nitro car. Check out the new nitro power generation!  

•  Considerable longer runtime compared to all previously available systems.
•  Extremely high power and top speed.
•  Improved efficiency – less consumption.
•  Robust and solid pipe construction.
•  StingerSupport – prevents the stinger to bend during crash.

Order#        Type
94865          NOSRAM Twister 1/8 Buggy Exhaust System EFRA#2076


2. NOSRAM VTEC 27X and 33X, Pre-Glued Asphalt Tyres

With the new NOSRAM VTEC 27X and 33X 1/10 pre-mounted and glued outdoor wheels, NOSRAM offers a wheel for outdoor touring car racing that guarantees 100% controlled racing.

The answer to all tyre cheating possibilities are the semi-transparent rims, through which you see the inside of the rims, the result is – no cheating!

Due to the semi-transparent rims the technical inspection can easily control if any illegal or treated inserts are being used. In addition the insert is coloured for even easier inspection.   

In addition the VTEC 27X and 33X tyres is extremely durable and provides x-treme traction performance from first run to the last. The new VTEC 30X pre-mounted and glued wheels consisting of controlled tyres, controlled rims and controlled inserts, perfectly mounted and glued.   Unpack, mount and win

• Semi transparent rim (through you can see the insert) for easy and 
  perfect scrutinizing
• New impact-resistant material – keeps the wheels stable and round
• Special lightweight material
• New white inserts, constant hardness
• For 1/10 asphalt racing
• Sold in a set of 4

TIP! » Design your own wheels with the all new NOSRAM VTEC wheel stickers for 1/10th scale touring car tires. Offered in 2 different cool designs, every sticker sheet includes 12 tire stickers, for 3 sets of tires. 


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Order#     Type
95032       VTEC 27X, Pre-Glued Asphalt (4 pcs.)
95035       VTEC 33X, Pre-Glued Asphalt (4 pcs.)


3. NOSRAM Hardcore Brushless & Brushed Motor Cooler

NOSRAM releases a Hardcore Brushless & Brushed Motor Cooler. New, extremely strong and adjustable cooling set including 40mm fan and easy mountable heatsink. Fits all 540 size brushless and brushed motors.  

It can be used in 3 different layouts for you preferred amount of cooling – with or without fan. Reduce the temperature of your brushed or brushless motor with NOSRAM´s Hardcore motor cooler.



Order#      Type
92591        NOSRAM Hardcore Brushless & Brushed Motor Cooler


4. NOSRAM R5 Standard Platinum / Iridium Power Pluxx 2

NOSRAM now offers new updated racing glow plugs. Made out of a new type of material, the Power Pluxx 2 glow plug improves the engines starting characteristics as well as the engine´s power and tuning. Based on many tests with the team drivers, NOSRAM offers a perfect line of high performance glow plugs for any kind of 1/10th and 1/8th nitro engines.  

•  Special platinum-iridium
•  Race proven
•  Hand selected
•  Maximum power
•  Xtreme endurance


Order#      Type
94751        NOSRAM R5 Standard Platinum / Iridium Power Pluxx 2