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New Software Update online!

Wednesday, 28. March 2012

As of today, a firmware update for the NOSRAM falcon 8 brushless speed control is available. You can find it in the software update area on the NOSRAM homepage!

NOSRAM is proud of its first ever 1/8 brushless speed control! The falcon 8 is perfectly tailored for the needs of the growing 1/8 electric offroad community. With the revolutionary software updateability, you can further improve its performance and get always the max out of your speedo!  
In the software update area of the NOSRAM homepage, you can always find the latest firmware updates for your NOSRAM pearl version 2, falcon 8 and stealth touch evolution.  
Everything works totally easy! Just download a small software application once for your computer. Then you can always profit from the latest updates for your speed control or charger. You only have to download the firmware update files via NOSRAM’s usb bridge spec.2 (#92501).  
Boost your racing into the next dimension!    
»Directly to the software update area!  
Advantages of the new firmware for the falcon 8:
• small background adjustments
• fixed a small bug which sometimes prevented correct reverse function when automatic brake was enabled
Update your falcon 8 now!