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Latest NOSRAM products!

Friday, 23. March 2012

Here you can find the latest product releases from NOSRAM. NOSRAM confirms its position as a leading company in R/C electronics and equipment.

The all new line of NOSRAM LiPo x-treme race hardcase packs and the new NOSRAM usb bridge spec.2. Look out for these new products at your local hobby shop!

1. NOSRAM LiPo x-treme race hardcase packs

Lipo power sources   
More power higher c-rate! NOSRAM offers all new VTEC lipo x-treme race hardcase packs for any racing category in the competition scene. The cells are again thinner and more efficient than before. Due to the revolutionary high density stacking technology, the new packs feature outstanding capacities! The use of innovative, high quality materials and a significantly better electrolyte make the new VTEC lipo x-treme race hardcase packs the most powerful VTEC batteries ever.  
Furthermore, the NOSRAM r&d team proudly releases a new special pack for 1/12 stock racers (#99940) and a short sub-c pack tailor-made for 2WD offroad racing (#99942).
Please click on below links for all features, technical data, additional pics, manual & more!


 NOSRAM LiPo x-treme race hardcase packs 


 LiPo 6900 - 50C/100C - 7.4V


 LiPo 6700 Big Mama - 55C/110C - 7.4V


 LiPo 6700 1S hardcase - 50C/100C - 3.7V


 LiPo 6300 StockSpec 1S - 55C/110C - 3.7V


 LiPo 5600 saddle pack - 55C/110C - 7.4V


 LiPo 4400 short sub-c - 55C/110C - 7.4V

2. NOSRAM usb bridge spec.2 - speedo firmware update + pc-link

The usb bridge for all updateable NOSRAM speed controls!
USB bridge to update the software of the pearl evolution version 2, pearl evolution ISTC version 2, pearl spec racing version 2, one and falcon 8 from the PC.  
The software for Windows PCs and Macs can be downloaded for free from the service area.




 NOSRAM usb bridge spec.2 - speedo firmware update + pc-link