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Friday, 17. February 2012

Here you can find the latest product releases from NOSRAM. NOSRAM confirms its position as a leading company in R/C electronics and equipment.

The all new NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified motor line is now complete. Look out for these new products at your local hobby shop!

1. NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified

Brushless modified redefined - the line is complete

NOSRAMís r&d team spent a lot of time in developing and testing the redefinition of brushless modified motors for toughest competition! The more than impressing result is the all new NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified motor.  
The all new NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified has been designed completely from scratch. Itís THE new high-technology motor line ready for any future challenge. The NOSRAM r&d team put the main focus in the development process of the new heavy-duty motor on highest possible efficiency and a power output never seen before. We can proudly state already now that this mission has been completed. The pure 2 features a higher power rating at improved temperature characteristics and lowest friction.  
One of the innovations is the dual axis balanced 12.5mm sintered worksteam rotor. The rotor guarantees an absolutely precise running and a significantly improved efficiency. NOSRAMís preciSensorTM system and the x-tra large ball bearings further boost the motor performance. The ultra lightweight, precision machined 7075-T6 aluminum housing features optimized cooling cut-outs for lowest running temperatures at full power output.  
Pure 2 Ė just brushless modified redefined!
Please note: the complete line includes motors with the following turns: 10.5, 9.5, 8.5, 7.5, 6.5, 5.5, 5.0, 4.5 & 4.0.
Please click on below links for all features, technical data, additional pics, manual & more!




 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 10.5T


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 9.5T


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 7.5T


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 5.5T


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 5.0T


 NOSRAM pure 2 brushless modified 4.0T


2. NOSRAM paper track banner

Give your work station or club race track that special look!
The NOSRAM paper track banner is made of specially coated paper and features dimensions of 119x80cm.




 NOSRAM paper track banner