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New software updates – now also for Mac!

Friday, 03. February 2012

As of today, also Mac users can take profit from the firmware updates for the NOSRAM pearl version 2 speedos! Furthermore, there are new firmware versions for the NOSRAM pearl evo & istc version 2 speedos.

NOSRAM’s r&d team upgraded the PC software for the NOSRAM pearl version 2 speed controls and added a great innovation!
The new software version is not only more user friendly, more reliable and available in three languages! For the very first time, NOSRAM also releases its innovative speedo update tool for Mac users! To get all firmware updates for your NOSRAM pearl evo version 2, pearl istc version 2 or pearl spec racing version 2 speed control, you can now choose between a Windows and a Mac version of the PC software.  
Boost your NOSRAM pearl evo version 2 and pearl istc version 2 speedo to the next level with the latest firmware updates!
The new firmware version 3.0 is tailormade for 1/10 offroad racing. Touring car racers get their speedo upgrade with the firmware version 4.0. The dual xps.mod feel & boost profiles are perfectly adapted to 1/10 offroad modified (version 3.0) and 1/10 touring car modified (version 4.0). You’ll also get a perfectly adjustable throttle control and an improved brake response.  
Push your car to the next level – take profit from NOSRAM’s experience in high-class racing all over the world!
More functions & better performance! Download the PC software and firmware updates today!  
»Directly to the software update area! 
Please note!
• If you use the new PC software, please download also the new firmware files with the suffix “nsm2”.
   The versions with the suffix “nsm” don’t work with the new PC software.
• If you have a windows computer, you will need the new PC software for Windows to install the firmware versions 3.0 & 4.0.
• The firmware versions 3.0 & 4.0 will replace the original setting of your pearl speedo.

The NOSRAM pearl version 2 speed controls





 NOSRAM pearl evolution version 2 brushless esc


 NOSRAM pearl istc version 2 brushless esc


 NOSRAM pearl spec racing version 2 brushless esc


 NOSRAM usb bridge - speedo firmware update + pc-link