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New Software Update online!

Monday, 08. August 2011

As of today, a firmware update for the NOSRAM stealth touch evolution charger is available. You can find it in the software update area on the NOSRAM homepage!

NOSRAM’s stealth touch evolution is the top of the line product in the segment of premium class chargers. With the revolutionary software updateability, you can further improve its performance and get always the max out of your charger!  
In the software update area of the NOSRAM homepage, you can always find the latest firmware updates for your NOSRAM pearl version 2 speedos and your NOSRAM stealth touch evolution charger.
Everything works totally easy! Just download a small software application once for your computer. Then you can always profit from the latest updates for your speed control or charger. You only have to download the firmware update files via NOSRAM’s usb bridge.   
Boost your racing into the next dimension!  
»Directly to the software update area!  
Advantages of the new firmware:
• revision of adjustable “charge Volt” settings for LiPo’s: now from 4.00 to 4.25V/C in 0.01V steps
• step-charging NiMH’s now possible without temperature probe connected
• improved hall-sensor check function
• slight improvements to touch screen usage
• correction of a small bug with the delay timers in cycle function  
Update your stealth touch evolution now!

The NOSRAM stealth touch evolution 





 NOSRAM stealth touch evolution


 NOSRAM usb bridge - speedo firmware update + pc-link